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    I Birth
    I was born April 19th in Baltimore, Maryland. As a kid I started playing sports and always loved being active and staying fit. I never dreamed it would turn into the journey that it has today. This is how my story began.

    Growing up I started off playing soccer and basketball in my elementary years. I knew I wanted to be the best I could be at a young age so I started working out every day at the age of 10. I originally started off with a hundred pushups and a hundred sit-ups every night and worked up from there.

    Middle/High School
    In middle school I found the three sports that I truly loved, football, wrestling, and track. In 8th grade, at age 13, I started lifting weights daily on top of my home workouts. By sophomore year in high school, at age 15, I was a starting State Champion on the football field, an All-State wrestler, and All-State track runner. At this time I was cranking out 2,000 push-ups and hundreds of sit-ups/pull-ups a night. This is the same year I got my first and only gym membership at Golds Gym. Still a member to this day.

    I was All-State in all sports throughout the of rest of high school and ended up deciding to pursue football in college in the NCAA. I played 4 years as fullback for Shepherd University in West Virginia. We went to the National Championship my senior year. At age 19 I posted my first fitness video on YouTube and it got about 50k views. That's when I decided to pursue aesthetics. Over the years I competed in a few NPC shows around Baltimore for Men's Physique but never saw much success. Instead I decided to focus on growing my brand online.

    Social Media has been a huge part of my life and success. Since age 17, I managed to hit over a million views on YouTube, millions of loops on Vine, and over 500,000 followers between Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. At age 21, I got signed to my first record label and at age 22, I was being flown across the nation for photoshoots. 

    I graduated from Shepherd University in May 2017. Around the same time I launched my 2 companies, Seth Holbrook Fitness LLC. and Raw Aesthetics LLC. Since then the ball's been rolling pretty quickly.

    What started off as a few standard photoshoots quickly turned into me walking in the worlds biggest swimwear fashion week, being featured on FashionTV with Nick Cannon, and getting published in The Daily Mail, Miami Herald, CNN News 18, Channel Nine News, etc.

    This ultimately led to me walking in New York Fashion Week, during which I started working with Jason Derulo and Antonio Brown's luxury clothing line LVL XIII.
    I've since been published in DNA Magazine, Adon Magazine, and many others. Watch my journey on YouTube!

    Summer 2018
    The summer started for me during the BET Awards Weekend fashion show in Downtown Los Angeles when I walked for celebrity designer Martez Malone and his brand YEKIM before closing out the night with VH1 star Angel Brinks fashion line.

    Then back to Miami for an early Swim Week where I walked the runway for Saks Fifth Avenue and their Vilebrequin collection, Stello by Michael Costello, Trina Turk & Mr.Turk, OMG, and many others highlighted in Vogue! I was also featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and USA Today while appearing on FashionTV, FNL Network, and starring in the Amazon Prime Video series Model Monday!

    It’s now officially been one year since I started modeling and I can’t believe the journey it’s been! NYFW 2018 was a blast I walked for a handful of designers including Argyle Grant by Celebrity Reporter Dean McCarthy and had the awesome pleasure working alongside Latin Sensation Recording Artist Nicky Jam opening night! Yahoo! also featured me alongside Madeline Stuart during my NYFW appearance!

    My ultimate goal is to one day walk the runway in Europe, to walk in London, Paris, or Milan Fashion Week would be a dream come true! Most recently I was featured on Fox5 New York for an a project called Bullies and Biceps by Mike Ruiz and New York Bully Crew!

    What is Seth Holbrook Fitness?
    Seth Holbrook Fitness is a brand. A brand that stands for goals, determination, and hard work. From building your dream physique, becoming a sponsored athlete, to building your own personal brand, I'm here to help each and every one of you accomplish your goals and ambitions. We all have the ability to make our dreams come true, never forget that.

    I'm a lifetime natural and I'm living proof that you can be anything you want. You don't need drugs, and you don't need performance enhancers. All you need is the desire to be great and the hard work to back it up. I have faith in each and every one of you guys. 

    Stay natty brahs, we're all gonna make it.

    Height- 5'11 
    Weight- 200 lbs 
    Body Fat- 4.9% (Hydrostatic)

    Max Lifts- Stopped maxing at age 18, I rep these out but don't go any heavier.
    Hang Clean: 300 lbs (136 kg)
    Bench Press: 405 lbs (183 kg)
    Back Squat: 500 lbs (226 kg)