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    What is Social Media Management?

     Social Media Management includes a wide variety of things but to sum it up, I will elevate your online platform and increase your overall brand presence in the online community.


    At the most basic level this can include but is not limited to:


    • Increased Statistics
    • Increased Engagement
    • Content Creation
    • Platform Building
    • Platform Customization
    • Analyzing/Strategizing


    All of these things are important factors when attempting to boost and increase overall account statistics, insights, and analytics such as, total impressions, overall reach, account views, website traffic, followers, and engagement.


    Business Management


    For businesses and corporations that are in need of a Social Media Manager there are a number of things to keep in mind, but ultimately you need to know exactly what it is you need.


    Social Media Management can be broken into four parts.


    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Customer Service


    It’s important to know which of these four categories are most important to you when choosing what type of management to move forward with. Social Media Management is a 24 hour job and can’t be turned off. Prioritizing specific goals is key for success.


    A Social Media Manager is a business partner with your goal in mind. At the start of this partnership it’s crucial to sit down and come to terms with how success will be measured. This leaves little room for error and provides clarity for the ultimate goals that you may have.


    I have 6 Tiers of Management which can ultimately be adjusted depending on your needs.

    These range from $100-$1600 a month and can be paid week by week.


    In order to determine which Tier would be best for you, I will be sending out my Business Questionnaire for Social Media Management. This is not necessary for Personal Brands.


    Social Media Management vs. Social Media Marketing


    This is a very commonly asked question from businesses that don’t understand what the difference is between Social Media Management/Marketing and are unsure of which one they exactly need. The answer is really simple, it’s paid reach vs organic reach. Both are important.


    Social Media Marketing is for companies with a set budget for advertising and want instant reach and visibility. Social Media Management is for all brands that need a better presence, overall awareness, and wish to build their following organically over time. When new potential customers/clients first observe your brands post or paid advertisement, they will immediately go to your page too see if you’re credible. With a better overall brand presence, your posts and paid marketing will instantly have a better return on investment. Social Media Management is a longterm investment that plays a vital role in the long run.


    Why You Need Social Media Management


    • Simply put, you need a better professional presence than your competition. Social Media is the new billboard of today, the new yellow pages in a sense. When customers decide to look up you and your competitors it’s important for you to stand out in order to win them over.


    • You need someone with extensive knowledge on the platforms best suited for your business.


    • You need someone who is up to speed with the latest tools, platform features, and strategies.


    • You need a well thought out Social Media strategy, a blueprint for moving forward, a consistent message, and fresh content.


    • You need someone who is going to create maximum awareness for your brand, and position it in a way that’s gonna get the most out of social media.


    • Ultimately, having a Social Media Manager saves you time! Social Media is a moving target, it’s always changing, and always has new trends. It’s absolutely impossible for a business owner to be expected to keep up with, and stay on top of all these things. Time is your most valuable asset, it’s important to make the most of it!


    Methods and Results


     I specialize on Instagram which is currently the number one social media platform but I’m also very handy on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. I specialize with increasing followers, overall traffic, and engagement from other users within the community.


    My methods are all manual without the use of any bots or third party applications. This is 100% real, organic growth with absolutely no automated results or statistics. I engage a targeted community specific to the brand niche in a way that brings fourth organic growth and quickly.


    I have worked with a number of personal and business brands but most notable is my own brand which I have built on a variety of platforms. On Instagram I have 65k followers and have reached 1 Million Weekly Impressions repeatedly. I gain between 2k-3k Followers a Week and my posts reach up to 60k views with 8k+ engagement. I have reached over 1 Million Views on YouTube and over 2 Million Loops on Vine. I also have a total of over 300k Followers on Tumblr.


    Hope this gives you a bit of insight into what it is exactly I do and how I do it. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I enjoy my job and would love to help grow your brand!